Antonio Latimore

Antonios passion for food begain at an early age. Growing up with a family that loved food and people, they are a powerful inspiration to why he continued to cook. He would watch, listen, and learn the love for food while his Great Aunt Idella prepared delicious meals for family gatherings.

Always looking to use the freshest ingredients available together with simple and complex spices to enhance, but not overpower the natural flavors bringing out aromas that fill the senses.

From his home roots in Kissimmee Florida, combined with travel in the U.S. and abroad, diversity, and cultural open mindedness he has been afforded the opportunity to expand his culinary interest. Using these experiences he continues to aspire this passion. In the kitchen he’s relaxed and believes that food opens up our hearts when we come together over a meal.

With the understanding and awareness of the many types of diets and pallets he is committed to create meals that nourish the growth of a healthy life.